Actually calculate whether you're taking but for example a one gram of couple had has four calories and if you take that s such a complex have a high its source so let's say potato and he was however on four ounces about them it's a equal to about grams of to twenty grams of carbohydrates that calories worth of carbohydrates this is now energy that body can use and if it's a need for that energy by they can use its very efficiently any if there is no need for it him buddy can completed and store it and that’s what's the usually happens to the people that that don’t pay attention to what no chance at what times that taking it LiftDerma ate too much couple had its at a time when the they don't need this public health will be stored as a fat Heather many clans before they were traditionally have the almost no fat loll the logic that's a if I don't need fact I cannot get fat then did they realize that this icon chutney gain a lot of that why because they were eating way too much have a high its they had way too much energy so as I said proteins taken in the gram per pound the formula couple handsome fat individually a it said the from the among all of us and if somebody has chairmen this energy out with energy expenditure of course.
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