The other day I asked my momma whether when momma and I go to New Earth we should use base 10, base 12, base 20, or base 60. She said that I should decide which base number system to use.

I thought "Hmm base 60 will be too hard even though if we were to learn it, it would be very efficient, base 20 is basically 2 * base 10 as far as the base 10 value of a base 20 number but it would still be hard, base 10 we are all familiar with, base 12 is what Romans used for fractions. They always had their fractions in terms of 12ths so for half they would say 6/12 instead of 1/2. This won't be too much harder than base 10. I could teach my momma the base 12 system." and so I decided on base 12 because of these reasons:

1) it has many factors
2) it is not too much harder than base 10 like base 60 is
3) I could teach my momma base 12

Momma and I have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division flashcards(these are in base 10 obviously).

I have also written down a base 12 addition table and a base 12 multiplication table. The multiplication table was harder to do.

What do you think is the best way for me to teach my momma base 12. Do you think that I should do this:
1) teach her about the base 12 system and different names for powers of 12 besides 12^x
2) convert the base 10 flashcards to base 12 and use those
3) practice using the base 12 multiplication table

or do you think that there is a better way to teach her base 12 like making a powerpoint presentation about base 12 and how it is useful or the combination of the 2?