Hello All,

As many of you know I come to this forum quite a lot for help. I'm completing a CS degree requiring 2 years of Calculus. Last semester I was taking calculus 1 and it all started pretty easy until we hit definite integrals and application of integrals. I, for the most part, put myself into a hole, since this is an online course and I seem to learn better one on one. However, I decided to do this to be able to work and pay for school and help out at home.

At the moment, I'm completely daunted by the task of differentiating logarithmic functions and will probably be confused for most future topics. Does. Anyone have any suggestions of what a student like me not proficient at math could do? I contacted my school for help with tutors but they are taking quite a bit of time. Any recommended online sites for tutors?

Thanks, for any recommendations.