Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to advertise our 8th superTmatik Mental Math World Championship, an international mathematics competition for 6-15 year old pupils.

The central principle of this championship is to develop student competence in mathematics from the start of schooling by constructive play, thereby motivating and involving them in the learning process.

Main objectives: promote interest in mental maths; develop skills in number and mental maths; reinforce the learning of mathematics through play; and discover and celebrate talent in mental calculation.

How to participate?

For your students to participate, all you need to do is to register your school for entry into the competition no fees to participate. Once your school has been registered, the next step is to teach students how to play the game and allow them to practise with their peers. The initial stages of the competition are played within the school, and the names of the school finalists are then sent to the championship organisers to be entered to play in the Grand International Online competition. If your school does not have superTmatik Mental Math games you can borrow games through the School Kits Loan, which has 12 copies available (one kit per school). This is sent to the school free of charge. That is all you need to get started!

Rules, schedule, registration forms and all info are available on the competition website: |

Please email for further information or cal: 00351 966 208 191.

superTmatik = Differentiation in teaching + Greater motivation + ICT in the classroom + FUN