1. Last year, Helen bought 150 shares at $2.00 per share. They are now worth $2.50 per share. Helen recieves a dividend of $0.10 per share. What is her dividend yeild?

2. Frank has saved $30 000 to buy a new car. He decideds to try to get another two years use out of his old care and in the meantime invest the money he has saved.

a)(did this question) if frank invested the $30 000 at 3.5% p.a. for 2 years with interest compounded annually, calculate the money that Frank has at the end of the investment.
a = 3000 (1+0.035)^2
= 3214
(need help with this one)b) Over two years that Frank had invested his money, the inflation rate has averaged at 4.2%p.a. Assumuing the car was worth $30 000, calculate the new cost of the car at the end of the two years if the price rose at the same rate as inflation to nearest $100.

3. Karen bought a lounge a terms (a loan) over 3 years and with regualr payments, paid a total of $31000. if she had enough cash at the time, the cash price was $ 2500
(did this question) a) how much more did she pay that is she paid cash? - $600
(need help with) b) what rate of simple interest did she pay, per annum?

Please help, and provide working out so i understand how to do it, thankyou