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Thread: Predicting Movement Time

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    Predicting Movement Time

    I have a moving Ball
    - The Ball has an InitialSpeed V_i
    - The Ball has a TargetSpeed V_t

    Every second:
    - Ball is displaced V_i number of pixels
    - V_i is multiplied by deacceleration D ( D is a number between 0 - 1 )

    I need an expression, returning how many seconds it takes before reaching TargetSpeed V_t ( V_t is allways lower or equal to V_i )
    ( Time is integer only )

    Im quite rusty when it comes to math, but i think i know where to start with this:

    V_i * ( D )^x <= V_t

    Now i need to isolate the X?
    However im not sure how to do that, or if this is what i need to do at all.
    Pleace correct me if im wrong.

    Darn, i just noticed that this Sub Forum ( Math ) reads "No math help"
    Maybe a Moderator could move this thread to an appropriate Sub Forum?
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