when taking the SAT or ACT there are different levels of difficulty in the questions that are asked. If you did well in Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 then you can score about a 600 on the SAT. But getting past a 600 requires you to do more. There are many books out there that you can use, and for the SAT the College Board site has a ton of useful resources. In addition there are any number of sites that will present you with multiple guess type sheets that mock up the exams.

But what if you want more. Is there someplace on the Internet where you can get more?

This is the question I asked when I was looking around the Internet and what I was looking for was something more than multiple guess. I was looking at toms of sites that would let me do that. I looked at a number of sites that had video resources as well. But what I wanted was more of a workbook, but one that would help me if I got stuck and needed some help.

Then there was College Entrance Exam Math Prep - Free

After you get past the excessively wordy front page (which you can avoid just by clicking on the Application tab at the top of the site) there is a way to study 50 of the hardest math problem types that are offered on the standardized entrance exams. Yeah, there is a time limit on each item, and they are thrown at you randomly (at least in the free application), but the application is open ended text answers, so it eliminates the multiple guess and requires you to actually be able to solve the problem presented. In addition, when you get stuck there is a button there that allows you to show the next step.

Now, the button doesn't always show the next step. Sometimes it asks a question, sometimes it provides a hint or tip. But the great part is that it helps you when you need it. So besides practicing on the most difficult math problem types that show up on these tests, you are actually learning how to solve the probelms with something that is like an on-line as needed tutorial.

Impressive. And free.