All I'm asking for is general advice. I plan on seeing career counselors and university professors soon, but I would like an outside opinion on the whole thing.

I have a general degree in mathematics. Originally my plan was to become a teacher, but that dream quickly became sour when it came to field experience. I have helped on and off on this forum like a ghost, to see what I retained from my previous education, but half a year plus away from a math classroom has shown that I still have much to learn.

Now it's time to move on, but I don't quite know what to do to get where I want to be. I always wanted to go into mathematics research for a university, but honors mathematics crushed me in my first year (and I understand honors students are the ones that perform well in graduate school) OR to work for research companies (such as Ipsos), but I lack experience in this area.

Other than Statistics for research, what other courses (in general) would you recommend that I take to expand my knowledge skill set to employment in research areas? (I'm willing to take remedial courses as well, since I am quite rusty in my knowledge) What other actions would you consider if unemployed but looking for work in relevant areas (in other words, experience that would actually look good on my resume, and not some dead end job)

Also, by curiosity, are there any mathematics texts / puzzle books that you would recommend for interests sake? I still love the field of mathematics, even though I don't consider myself the brightest of the bunch. I need to get my brain motor working again. Thank you for your time.