Well, I need help in math. It's not that I don't understand it, it's that I'm really far behind. This started in high school when I was transferred out of algebra, and geometry and was placed in a business math class. I would finish my work in 10-15 mins and just leave the class because it was that easy. Well I took the ACT/Compass exam at my college and was placed in Math 092. I was expecting that, and the professor for that class was confused as to why I was in the class since I would finish my work in 20mins and do my other school work. The class used software online, so I finished most of the work at home. She told me she wanted me to take an accelerated math class which was Math 097, 098, 099 combined (from algebra to college algebra) I finished all the lessons I needed to finish, but the professor for that class wouldn't let me take the final because she wanted me to complete 15 more lessons, but each lesson takes about a day to finish and there was 7 days left till the final. I tried to finish as fast as possible, but had three lessons remaining. I thought she would let me take the final, but she said no. I should of took the ACT/Compass exam then, so I could of been placed higher, but they wouldn't allow me to since you have to wait two quarters to take it. Well I haven't taken any math since then, and just bought Forgotten Algebra, and Forgotten Calculus. I've been studying the algebra book, but some of this stuff is confusing, and I have printed out a bunch of practice tests, and have been watching videos on Khan Academy to help me. I know I just need to study more, since I know I understand the concept of math - I've taken the entire Chemistry series and I passed with good marks (A, A, B) But what else can I do to help me learn? I have the entire summer to learn algebra so I can be placed in to a higher class. I need to finish Calculus in order for me to transfer, and math is holding me back.