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Thread: Maths Assignment

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    May 2012

    Maths Assignment

    Okay my daughter has an assignment and she has a triangle with the height of 4.5cm and length 5.36cm and had to find out the other bit to join it together and she says it would be 7cm. Than she has been given a volume of 164cm3 for a triangular prism but they havent been given the length to work out to that volume and she is suck trying to work out how deep the prism is to equal a volume of 164cm3
    Can you anyone help her
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    Re: Maths Assignment

    Volume V of prism = triangle's area A times depth of prism D; V = AD, so D = V/A

    Triangle's area (right triangle, since 3rd side = 7) = 4.5(5.36)/2 = make it 12

    Since volume = 164, then depth D = 164 / 12 = 13.6

    Next time you post a problem, post the original problem, not your version...OK?
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