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Thread: How much more/less difficult is Gen physics compared to calc 3?

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    Aug 2009

    How much more/less difficult is Gen physics compared to calc 3?

    So, a bit of a qualitative question for the math forum. I'm a 4.0 student who is 11 hours from getting my associate's. I'm wanting to wrap up this level of degree with a straight A average. My program has been canceled so I have to graduate by end of 2012. Not much pressure, but I have to take a science credit this summer. I'm picking general physics 1.

    I've self taught online plane trig, made a 100 in the class by replacing a mid term with a final exam grade. Calc 1 was a 102, Calc 2 was somewhere in the mid 90s but my lowest exam in calc 2 was applications of integrals due to graphing the movement.

    I'm dysgraphic and it is very difficult to graph things. It affects my writing similar to how trembling would. That said, I'm going in to General Physics 1 over the summer, it's normally a 16 week course - I'll have to do it in 8.

    I'm willing to do about 2 and 1/2 to 3 hours/day of studying on days I'm not in class, 1 hour/day when I do have class. Assuming I get a decent instructor, should I be worried/ordering books and getting syllabi to study right now, running to a different gen-ed science credit, not worrying at all, or what?

    How difficult is gen physics compared to Calc 3? (You can tell how much trouble I'm having with it by my not being on here this semester.) Calc 2 (posted at least twice a week)? Any random tips for me?

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