I cannot believe that we don't have a post here pointing out the existence of the pre-print server ArXiv.org hosted at Cornell.

Here you will find pre-prints (and other papers on Physics, Maths, and other quantitative fields. A lot of it is very good, but as it is not moderated (other than for the submissions meeting basic cosmetic requirements for scientific publication), so it has a sprinkling of Kook-ish papers as well. The kooks are at least partially my fault as I always redirect FLT provers and their ilk to ArXiv.org for publication

I know that I have made MHF posts referencing stuff on ArXiv.org before, but the reason for this post is that now there are apps available for all the most popular OSs for smart phones and tablet computers to access ArXiv.org. Just search in the appropriate online apps store/market for arxiv and you should find them. (I don't know why an app is needed, a web-browser short cut works for me, maybe the interface is more efficient?)