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Thread: Algebra refigured

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    Oct 2009

    Algebra refigured

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    Nov 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by wonderboy1953 View Post
    Ok, so I have often seen Danica McKellar's books in book stores and have been disgusted. Call me an elitist but titles like Math Doesn't Suck: How to Survive Middle-School Math without Losing Your Mind or Breaking a Nail, Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss , and Hot X: Algebra Exposed! kind of offend my sense of pride as an American. To think that what appeals to our students now is algebra via pseudo-gossip-slumber-party-ridiculousness is just mind-boggling. This said, I have always despised that woman, and considered her a hack. But, with the above article I was able to find a link to a "theorem" she, along with two others, have proven. It "looks impressive", but I have zero idea what it means. Is it physics, or math? I see the word "measure" and "ergodic" used, but I find it hard to believe this is a paper on either measure or ergodic theory. Anyone understand it?
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