Homework Help: SAT Prep - ACT Test Prep - AP Exam Help - Math Help - Brightstorm

This website has tons by great teachers. I think they're all ivy league graduates and whatnot, I just glanced over their credentials and put them to the test by watching the videos. Pretty great to learn from, I'd say! They show you all the way through Pre-Calculus and will be adding Calculus sometime soon.

It requires you to register, but this is easily done in 30 seconds or so and you can continue watching up to 1,800 videos for free anytime you want. All of the other stuff comes at a price, however (AP courses and SAT/ACT prep). I think it's at a fairly reasonable price though at $99, I think. They all look pretty young too but they all seem very bright. The website is brilliantly pleasing to the eye, easy to work, and lots of learning occurs.

I recommend it to anyone taking these courses in high school or even college who need to get everything down or just review.