well, spending alot of time in an assembly line plant, and many hours go by, just trying to figure out missing variables of what the belt on the assembly line is doing.

for example: it moves at a constant speed, sometimes around 10ft, i'm assuming they mean 10ft per minute?

also, would be interested in finding things like how long the belt is. how fast the belt is moving, how many parts we can run and how long it would take. Also, if there are any other variables that would be really interesting to find from the given information.

so whats given is usually the amount of parts, lets say 48,000 parts need ran. we have several hours to do it in, and the belt speed is around 10ft/pr minute i'm assuming.

just any advice is helpful to finding as much missing information from this scenario as possible.

usually i can figure out how long it will take by using a fixed point and timing how many rows go by with their stations filled.

also, i've included a drawing of how the belt looks like in total, and also what a rack and station looks like. the rack holds all the stations, and the parts sit on the stations.

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ImageShack - Image Hosting :: rackq.jpg

please feel free to need more information or specific questions regarding information to solve the problem.