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Thread: Sky Diver Word Problem

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    Sky Diver Word Problem

    I need help on how to solve this one.

    A sky diver jumped from an airplane and fell freely for several seconds before releasing her parachute. Her height, h, in meters about the ground at any time given by: h= -4.9tē + 5000 before she released her parachute, and, h= -4t + 4000 after she released the parachute.

    How long after jumping did she release her parachute?
    How high was she above the ground at that time?
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    h= -4.9tē + 5000

    h= -4t + 4000

    set the two equations equal to each other and solve for t ... then go back and calculate h using either equation ... using both to calculate h is a good check of your solution for t.
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