This is a stupid question with an obvious answer, but justification is a *****.

The roller coaster ride must be fenced to prevent access by the public for workplace health and safety reasons. The theme park has 3000 metres of fencing with which to make a rectangular enclosure. They wish to ensure that the enclosure has the maximum area possible. They have not decided wether to have a freestanding enclosure, or whether to build it agaisnt an existing fence. Therefore there are three situations to be investigated. Show what the best dimensions are for each situation and describe the strangths and weaknesses of each shape. Recognise the effects of any assumptions used.

There are three diagrams. One is just a central enclosure nt touching any fences. The second is 3 side of the enclosure is new, whilst one side is already existing and the third is built in a corner, in such a way that the fencing materials and only being used on two sides.