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Thread: Multistep Equations Review

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    Oct 2008

    Multistep Equation

    Alyce, Jon, and Kim worked together on a painting job. Jon worked 8 fewer hours than Alyce. kim worked twice as many hours as Jon. If the total hours worked on the job was 72, how many hours did each person work? (Hint: Let: h = hours worked by Alyce)
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    Use the information given to write expressions for the number of hours worked by each person.

    Alyce: h

    Jon (8 fewer hours than Alyce): h - 8

    Kim (twice as many hours as Jon): 2(h - 8) = 2h -16.

    Form an equation using the above expressions and the total hours worked. Solve for h and then hours worked by Jon an Kim.

    Can you proceed from here?
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