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Thread: word problem

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    Sep 2008

    word problem

    One adult and 10 children are in an elevator.
    If the adult's weight is 4 times the average (arithmetic mean)
    weight of the children, then the adult's weight is what fraction
    of the total weight of the 11 people in the elevator?
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    Aug 2008
    Hi fabxx,

    Im not really sure if i interpreted the question right but this is one way you could solve it,

    represent weight of adult by variable A
    represent the average weight of a child as variable C

    We are told that A = 4C

    The total weight in the elevator (10 children and 1 adult) is therefore
    = 14 C

    The adults fraction of the total weight of the lift is then
    4C/14C, variable Cs cancel and your left with the adults weight as a
    fraction of 2/7 of the entire lift weight

    hope that helps
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