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Thread: plz help me

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    May 2008

    Exclamation plz help me

    ok here are some problems i need help with

    1.A.eight points lie on a circle. how many triagles can u make using three of the points as the vertice
    B. how many pentagons can u make using 5 points as vertices

    2.a rectangular shelf is radicle 440cm by radical 20 cm. find it's area

    3.a freely falling aobject object hit the ground in radical 18a^5 seconds. it fell h feet useing the formual h=16t^2 to find h in terms of a

    4. the golden ratio is 1+radical 5/2. find the resiprical of the golden ratio and compare it whit the number that i 1 less than the golden ratio

    5. a rectangual walk is radical 7 m wide and 6 radical 7 m long what is the perimeter of the walk

    6. the velocity v of an object dropped from a tall building is given by the formula v=radical 64d, where d is disance the object has dropped. solve the
    formla for d

    7.write and equation with 2 radical experations and no real roots

    8.the population of a certaian animel species decreases at a rate of 3.5% per year. you have counted 80 of the animals in the habitat your studing
    write the function that modles the changes in the animals population

    9.a new flu viruse is introduced wen a stanger visits a village of 8000 people, every infected person infects 2 more each day
    A. write a exponetioal function the modle number of uninfected people
    B. deermin how many people will remain uninfected after a week
    C. after how many days will the entier population be infected

    10. a screaming child can reach 90dB. a luch of a space shuttle produces a sound of 180dB aat the luanch pad
    A find the intensity of each sound
    B. how many times as intense as the noise from a screaming chiild is the noise from the shuttle launch 2000, there were about 300 million Internet users that number is projected topgrow to 1 billion in 2005
    A. let t represent the times in years since 2000. write a function of the form y=ae^ct that modles the expected growth in the population of internet users
    B. in what year might there be 500 million internet users
    C. in what year might there be 1.5 billion internet users
    D. solver our equation for t
    E. explain how you can use our equation from part d to verify your answer to part b and c

    thx for the help
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    Aug 2007
    Those are lovely problems. Let's see what you can do with them so that help might be forthcoming.
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