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Thread: find selling price

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    May 2008

    find selling price

    a grocessor purchased 80 kg of rice at the rate of 13.50 per kg and mixed it with 120 kg rice at the rate of 16 per what rate per kg should he sell the mixture to gain 16%
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    May 2008
    First of all find the total cost of the mixture this would be
    (80 \times 13.50)+(120 \times 16)=3000$

    He/She wants to gain 16% profit so He/She needs to sell the mixture for
    1.16 \times 3000 = 3480$

    thats the price for all 200kg of the mixture to find the price per kg we need to divide by the weight of the mixture so
    Price=3480 \div 200= 17.40$ per kilo
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