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    May 2008

    Exclamation Problem solving questions

    Need help with these, can you explain it into easier terms please? Or solve and explain how you got those answers.

    What I did for the experiement was get a packet of MnM's, work out how many breeded starting with 4. I tip the MnM's onto the table and for each M there is, 2 new baby rabbits are born.

    The second experiment was using half the packet of MnM tip them all out and remove all the ones showing M (Representing the rabbits dying) then count the rest. I'll do this untill they all die and each time a lot dies it is a season.

    Rabits breeding
    TABLE 1 Number of seasonsPopulation Number041122223304745166Rabits dyingTABLE 2 Number of seasonsPopulation Number0134161224310455260

    More information located on my first post regarding these problems.

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    Nov 2007

    What is this mess?

    The graphics are mangled, so they just add to the confusion.

    Your explanation of the problem is incomprehensible.

    I suggest that you just copy it verbatim from source so someone can see what you are being asked to solve.

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