A particle of mass 6.0x10^-8kg and charge +7.2x10^-6C is travelling west. The particle enters a magnetic field of magnitude 3.0T, where it completes one-half of a circle before exiting the field moving east. How much time does this charge spend inside the magnetic field?

B= \frac{uI}{2\pi r}
r= \frac {uI}{2\pi B}
= (4\pi x 10^-7)(7.2x10^-6C) / (2\pi)(3.0T)

v= \frac {Bqr}{m}
v= (3.0T)(1.602x10^-19)(4.8x10^-13m) / (6.0x10^-8kg)

t= \frac {d}{v}
= \frac {4.8x10^-13m}{2.7683x10^-36m/s}
= 1.25x10^11