Greetings, all. I知 not exactly sure how to word this, so hopefully this makes sense. I知 trying to figure out how to set this up, maybe a ration? P&L?

Let痴 say I知 looking at a REIT, or maybe a fund. However, instead of buying the full amount of the item, I知 looking at a part.

To start, let痴 say, to try and keep the numbers easy, that the item starts at $7,000. Later, it rises to $7,500. Still later, it drops to $7,250.

Now, let痴 say I知 using $20, as my start. How do I know what my equivalent will be, at $7,500. Then, as it drops, what will my equivalent be, when I want to sell. I知 also looking to do similar, with a start of $50, and $100, as examples.

I hope this has made sense, and I appreciate help!