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Thread: Middle Age Math Fan

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    Jan 2013
    New York City

    Middle Age Math Fan

    Hello Math Tutors!

    I have two CUNY degrees in areas other than math. I took precalculus in 1993 as an elective course and got an A minus, which is not too bad for someone who did not major in math. At 48 soon to be 49, my love for math is more alive than ever. Crazy, right?

    I wanted to return to college for a math degree but recently learned that banks no longer have a personal loan service. I cannot afford college on my ridiculous current salary. However, I can learn math by using this great website.

    My friends and family members think I am crazy for learning math on my own as a hobby. They say it is not practical. They say it a waste of time. I am 48 and will be 49 in a few months not 99. So, I strongly disagree with people who say I am wasting my time.

    There are people who play piano just for fun. Most people who play piano will never have a recording contract but they love piano music. Apply this same idea to math. What do you say?
    Do you honestly think I am wasting my time? Maybe I'll be hired by Kumon or Kaplan as a tutor when my math skills are ready for the challenge. I can think of more "ridiculous" ways to waste time and mental energy. What do you say?

    Thanks for reading.
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    Nov 2013

    Re: Middle Age Math Fan

    It will keep your brain healthy and that's plenty enough reason.
    Thanks from nycmath
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