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Thread: Parabolas and radio waves

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    Feb 2013

    Parabolas and radio waves

    Parabolic radio telescope.

    How would you adjust the parabola ( focus, directrix, vertex etc ) so that incoming radio waves are at their maximum intensity?

    and any other ways such as size of dish or position of beam etc.

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    Sep 2012

    Re: Parabolas and radio waves

    Hey rqyytrf.

    The usual way of looking at maximum intensity for something whether it be flux or something else is to look at orthogonality.

    In normal 3D space, something is orthogonal to something else if x_a*x_b + y_a*y_b + z_a*z_b = 0 for some vectors (x_a,y_a,z_a) and (x_b,y_b,z_b).

    Basically if the normal vector is the reverse of the incoming vector, then you get maximum intensity.

    you can apply this idea across an un-even surface and for that, you want to look at a flux integral.
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