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Thread: hmmm?anybody good at chemistry?

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    hmmm?anybody good at chemistry?

    this has been completed now
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    Quote Originally Posted by marikas View Post
    3. The entropy change, ΔS, associated with the isothermal (i.e.
    constant temperature) change in volume of n moles of an ideal
    gas from volume V1 to volume V2 is given by the equation
    ΔS = nR ln(V2/V1)
    where R is the gas constant.

    & If an expansion occurs (V2 > V1) use Equation 1 to deduce
    whether there will there be an increase or decrease in the
    entropy of the gas.
    If V2>V1, V2/V1>1, so ln(V2/V1)>0, and as n and R are both >0, we have:

    ΔS > 0

    so the entropy increases.

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