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    May 2005

    Word Problem

    A vineyard produces two special wines, a white and a red. A bottle of the white wine requires 14 pounds of grapes and 1 hour of processing time. A bottle of red wine requires 25 pounds of grapes and 2 hours of processing time. The vineyard has on hand 2,198 pounds of grapes and can allot 160 hours of processing time to the production of these wines. A bottle of the white wine sells for $11.00, while a bottle of the red wine sells for $20.00. How many bottles of each type should the vineyard produce in order to maximize gross sales?
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    Here is how I would set it up:

    W = bottles of white wine
    R = bottles of red wine

    14W + 25R <= 2198
    W + 2R <= 120
    11W + 20R = gross profit
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