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Thread: Angular resolution

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    Sep 2012

    Angular resolution

    Technological advances are now making it possible to link visible-light telescopes so that they can achieve the same angular resolution as a single telescope over 300 meters in size.

    What is the angular resolution (diffraction limit) of such a system of telescopes for observations at a wavelength of 500 nanometers?

    Hey guys, so I've been stuck on this for a while and I just can't figure it out, I have one attempt left..

    I've been using the formula sin theta = 1.220 * wavelength/ diameter

    So I use sin theta = 1.220 * (5.0*10^-7/300) = 2.03 *10 ^-9

    sin (2.03*10^-9) = 3.54...*10^-11 arc seconds?

    Please let me know if this is right or what I'm doing wrong.

    EDIT: Got it..

    Link for anyone who wants to know how to do it.
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