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Thread: decimal help please

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    Dec 2012

    decimal help please

    Hi everyone I am having problems interpreting a 3000ml measuring jug for a pesticide sprayer assessment i have to do. Basically i have to read the level of water in the jug and record it. e.g if it is on the scale nothces like 2200ml i can easily work out that it is 2.2 in litres. but if it fulls on the notches scales between the numbered ones i get confused how to write it in litres decimals.

    just an example if the scale in ml went up in 20ml per hundred ml, and it landed on the second notch up from 2200ml would that be written 2.22 in litres??

    In relation to the litres on the measuring jug i am confused how the numbers after the decimal relate to tens and hundreds. please help!!!!

    with regards mark
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    Sep 2012

    Re: decimal help please

    Hey markcaja.

    Basically the rule is 1000mL = 1L so to convert mL into litres you divide by 1000 and to convert litres into mL you multiply by a 1000.

    So 1600mL in litres is 1600/1000 = 1.6L and 1.653L in mL is 1.653*1000 = 1653mL.

    Basically with the notches you need to think how many notches are in one litre.

    If we have say 10 notches in one litre then converting this to litres would be dividing by the number of notches.

    So if we have a value of 165 notches where we have 10 notches per litre then the number of litres will be 165/10 = 16.5 litres.
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