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Thread: Maths Earthquake Problem!?

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    Sep 2012

    Smile Maths Earthquake Problem!?

    I've been assigned a task to find the epicenter of an earthquake:

    "3 of the Australian government seismic measurements stations have reported the following data -

    Difference between arrival times in seconds (S and P waves*)
    Gold Coast - 97.8
    Townsville - 71.1
    Mt Isa - 54.5

    *You may assume that the speed of a P-Wave is 7.5km/s & the speed of an S-Wave is 4.5km/s"

    It then gives a suggested method to be followed:
    - Find distance from each 3 place to the epicente
    - Build diagram that uses longitude and latitude as its co-ordinate system
    - Define any further variables
    - Develop vector relationships between each of the cities and the epicenter of the earthquake and use these to find the epicentre
    - Generalise model for any 3 seismology centres and arrival times

    OKAY so I'm kind of confused about how I'm supposed to find the epicentre and also how I am supposed to incorporate vectors and latitude/longitude into the solution
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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    Sep 2012

    Re: Maths Earthquake Problem!?

    Hey monicaisobel.

    Can you explain what these P and S waves are? How are these waves sent and how are they received (also which ones are sent and which ones are received back)?
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