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Thread: Help with this please

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    May 2012

    Help with this please

    The state has created new legislation about "crunch--time", and as such requires us to adjust out
    projects for the next quarter so for the next 13 weeks we will assume there will be no scheduled overtime. Our adjusted budget for the quarter gives us 520 hours per employe, and no overtime. So we will have to determine how many projects we can complete with these new constraints, making adjustments, based on the man--hours worked on previous projects. Please figure out the number of game we can make of each type that yields the highest profit Note: (To Convert from man--hours to number of people divide the number of man--hours by 520 hours which is the number of full time hours in the quarter)

    To create a console game we previously required 10,920 man--hours of developments, 13,000 man--hours on art, 3,120 man--hours for design and 2,080 man--hours for production management. The projected profit margin for a console game title is $1.8 million.

    The work requirements for a handheld game quite a bit different: 7,280 man--hours in development,
    2,600 man--hours art 9,360 man--hours in design and 2,600 man--hours in production management.
    The projected profit margin for a handheld game title is $1million.

    Our current staff consists of 238 programmers, 225 artist, 180 designers and 57 production managers.This should give us 123.760 man--hours in the development pool(238x520=
    123,760), 117,00 man--hours in the art pool (225x520= 117,000),93,600 man--hours in the design pool (180 x 520=93,600), and 29,640 man--hours in management(57x520=29,640 to allocate to projects

    Figure out how many console and handheld game can be made this quarter to maximize our profit. In addition, report what pools( development, artist, designers and managers) have some unutilized
    employees, and which pools need to be expanded
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    Apr 2005

    Re: Help with this please

    I can't help but wonder why the state would be paying you to create games! In any case, this sounds like a job for a professional- hire someone.
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    Jun 2012

    Help with this please

    Hi guys, i have few questions which i am unable to solve, i would appreciate if someone could help me .
    Question) A music store sells an avg of 160 cds/wk at $24ech. the cost of producing x music cds is c(x)=-0.003x2+4.2x+1000. a market survey indicates that for each 50cents decrease in price,two additional cds will be sold per week.

    a)determine the demand,or price,function

    b)what is the price of each cd when 170 are sold weekly and when 200 are sold weekly?

    c)determine the revenue function

    d)which of the following results in greater revenue: the sale of 170 cds or the sale of 200 cds?justify your answer.

    e) determine the profit function.

    f)which of the following results in a greater profit:the sale of 170 cds or the sale of 200 cds?

    I am sorry i know its a lot. Somebody pls help
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