okay here's the problem ! it's lengthy but I am hoping someone can help me !!!! I did all of them for the week but this one so here it is ......
Recently (March 15, 2012) I saw this advertisement in "Best Driver Jobs: The BEST Fleet Magazine" which is a publication for truck drivers:
Why drive an old truck when you can make money with a new one? We are serious! This Volvo 630 is so efficient it costs less per month to own than our most popular used tractors. 20% better fuel economy saves $ 950 per month ...

There was more, but let's focus on those two numbers, 20%, and $ 950. For the following answers use your calculator and don't reenter intermediate answers. But for WeBWorK round all answers to the closest integer.

Evidently, if you own that new truck you spend $ __ per month, whereas, if you are stuck with an old truck you spend $___ per month. At the current average price of $ 3.83 for a gallon of Diesel fuel, if you drive that old truck, you buy ___ gallons of Diesel each month. The mileage of semi trucks varies quite a bit but a reasonable average value is 6 miles per gallon. So evidently you drive that old truck ___ miles each month. At an average speed of 50 miles per hour, say, you spend ___ hours each month driving your truck. (Of course, you work more hours than that, for example waiting, doing maintenance, paper work, etc.) But it's time to get on the road again! Another ad in the same magazine advertises starting rates for "experienced company drivers" of 41 cents a mile. At that rate, if you already know how to drive a truck, you'd make $ ___ a month to start.

Disclosure: I have no connections to the trucking industry or Volvo. But I saw this advertisement and I thought this will be a nifty problem for my Math 1050 students. While it occurs in this home work on exponentials and logarithms, it requires for its solution only familiarity with percentage calculations, common sense, and a close reading of the problem statement.

I know it's long but PLEASE PLEASE help me !!!!!! I am desperate ! Thanks in advance for all your help !!!!