Hey I'm new here.

I'm going to college to become a high school math teacher, but some of these math courses are pretty intense. Actually the only ones that are difficult are the proof based courses. I really need help.

This is my homework and I'm completely lost and unsure how to go about doing it. We started and completely went over this topic for supS and infS in our last class. That was last Thursday. We are on spring break so we have time, but it's due next Tuesday. My teacher said he would be unavailable over break for questions so I'm SoL. Help would be greatly appreciated. I hope I'm posting this in the right section of the forums. This is for Real Analysis.

1. For each set, find inf S and sup S. State whether or not these numbers are in S.
(a) S ={x : x^2 − 3 < 0}

(b) S ={y : y = (x^2)/(x^2 + 1), x ≥ 0

(c) S = {x : 0 < x < 5, sin x = 0}

2. Let S_1, S_2 be subsets of R1. Define S = {x : x = x_1 x_2, x_1 ∈ S_1, x_2 ∈ S_2}. Find sup S and inf S in
terms of sup S_1, inf S_1, sup S_2, and inf S_2. Discuss all cases.

3. Let S be a nonempty set of real numbers that is bounded below. Let L = inf S and suppose that
L is not an element of S.
(a) Prove that every open interval containing L contains infinitely many elements of S.
(b) Prove that there is a nonincreasing sequence {x_n} such that x_n ∈ S for all n ∈ N and
lim n→∞ x_n = L.