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Thread: Quantities Calc (specifically cut and fill)

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    Quantities Calc (specifically cut and fill)

    Hi guys

    Simple question below that i have completed but my answers are 1-2% out. So if someone wants to have a go and see what they come up with, would be great for comparison. I think the answers supplied are incorrect.

    Cross sections of a proposed road have been drawn at 30m intervals at a scale of 1:250 horizontal, 1:20 vertical. The areas of cut and fill measured from the drawings (in mm2) are shown in table 2 below. The excavated material has a bulking factor of 1.25. Using the end area method, determine the chainage at which the earthworks balance, the total amount of cut and fill, and thus how much material will need to be exported or imported.

    Cut and fill table attached (note units)

    Describe ways in which it might be possible to reduce the above imbalance.
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