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Thread: Electric car specs - Calculating given minimum data

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    Electric car specs - Calculating given minimum data

    Hi. I am currently doing a homework assignment that has me completely stumpe

    It involves being presented with a limited set of specs and data for an electric motorcycle that needs a battery pack. I did fine with the battery calculations but am really struggling with the rest. The calculations i need to figure out how to do are.

    - Acceleration
    - Range of vehicle

    Data given is
    Mass = 163kg
    Wheel radius = 0.305kg
    Max speed = 90kph
    (v)Average speed = 30kph
    Average power required to maintain speed = (Mass*v^2*(f)) in Watts
    (f) Energy usage fraction = 12%/s
    Expected usage and recharges = 5 recharges a week for 50 weeks a year
    Motor input power rating = 17.5kW
    Nominal Voltage= 48V
    Nominal Torque = 68.4Nm
    Motor Efficiency = 90%

    Any help or pointers as to how i would solve this to get the acceleration and range would be great!!!! Thanks in advance
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