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Thread: Need Help on Neuro-related Math!

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    Apr 2011

    Need Help on Neuro-related Math!

    Hi Everyone, 1st post, so go easy a bit.

    I am, on the other side of the spectrum, a medical school graduate. Seeking a Master's in a Neuroscience-related field I have realized I require a great deal of mathematical knowledge prior to even beginning. Being a seemingly insurmountable task, I need help. I need to establish a powerful base of math before starting. Sorta like undergrad math but compressed.

    I have no math training except from High School, not even Adv. Math. I studied a little calculus in my free time, but that's it. I know, terrible. But I am free for a couple of months, so its time to get crunching. I am gonna just go out and say I have still have no planned course/bearing. Any help is GREATLY Appreciated.

    What is the quickest/best course of study?
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    Sep 2008
    If you like the internet there are some great online tutes.

    Look here:

    Khan Academy
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    Mar 2011
    for reviewing the high-school stuff, i like:

    Practical Algebra Lessons

    another web-site i like is:

    Pauls Online Math Notes

    which has notes for most of what you would take in the first year or two of math in college.

    the khan academy videos are very good, and you can watch them over and over until they "click".

    a number of dedicated math professors have made their own texts freely available online, for example,

    i believe a professor at MIT put his own calculus book online here: Free Online Course Materials | Textbook | MIT OpenCourseWare

    and there is a fairly elementary introduction to statistics and probablility here: Untitled Document

    if you spend a small amount of time googling the subjects you wish to learn, i'm sure you can find many more....
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