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Math Help - Geosytems- Finding mass

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    Nov 2010

    Geosytems- Finding mass

    Hello Forum today I have a Geosystem ( Earth science question)

    If i have 3 proportions mixed together in a beaker ( it is not an specific beaker Just any). Inside of it we have white sand, white sugar, white salt. How can i find the mass of all of them?

    [ I had this question yesterday and i thought i could take the whole mass, find 2 proportions and then subtract them from the whole mass, and I could get the 3rd one] but the hardest goal about this question is filtering at least two proportions first to find their mass without destroying the other.
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    May 2010
    You could use the fact that sugar is non ionic and salt is ionic.

    You could, for instance add ethanol. Salt will not dissolve while glucose would (solubility is about 0.006M)

    Then you can filter, evaporate the ethanol and get the rest of the masses.
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