Beam ABC has a 3m cantilever span AB and a 10m simply supported span BC. The beam has a design loadings as follows: load case 1, 28kN/m UDL along span BC. Load case 2: 36kN point load at the end of the cantilever at A.

For each of the load cases, determine the magnitude of the support reactions.

Im new to the structure seen, and have been learning at college. For this do we need forces to left equals forces. If someone could help me through the steps this would be great.

Just practising loads of examples in books thank you.

what i have got is

right, for the load case with the UDL Rb and Rc are both 140kN

For the other load case Rb=46.8 and Rc = -10.8

if someone could tell me if this is right or help me show the working to get the correct anwer be great!!