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Thread: Math Terms

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    Math Terms

    Hey can you guys please tell me what the following math terms mean, i know some of them but keep forgetting:

    1 notation
    2 polynomials
    3 denominator
    4 rationalising the denominator
    5 conducate/condugate
    6 numerator
    7 linear
    8 moduolus
    9 polar form
    10 (and can you please explain in detail what is a asymptope)
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    Notation - Is how an idea is written mathematically , i.e. multiplication's notation is $\displaystyle \times$

    Polynomials - Are functions with integer order of an unknown, i.e. $\displaystyle x^3+x+10, x^5+4x^2-101$

    Denominator - The number on the bottom in a fraction

    Rationalising the Denominator - rididng the denominator of a radical i.e making $\displaystyle \frac{1}{\sqrt{5}} into \frac{\sqrt{5}}{5}$

    Congujate? Of the number $\displaystyle a+b$ is $\displaystyle a-b$

    Numerator - The number on the top in a fraction

    Linear - A straight line relationship

    Modulus - $\displaystyle |x|$ of the number $\displaystyle x$ results in a positive number i.e. $\displaystyle |-2| = 2$ but $\displaystyle |2|=2$ . Chops off any negative signs

    Polar Form - describing a point in terms of the radius and its distance from the origin rather than units across and up/down

    Factor - breaking up (dividing) into smaller parts

    Asymptote - Is a part of a function where a value is undefined. I.e. $\displaystyle \frac{1}{x} \implies x\neq 0$ therefore $\displaystyle x=0$ is an asymptote.

    Happy to discuss further.
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    thanx for that your a huge help
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