Its just me again! I kindly need help on this question. Its as follows:

The tracks of a positron and an electron created by pair production in a magnetic field curve in opposite directions.
a) Why do they curve in opposite directions
b)Both particles spiral inwards. What can you deduce from this observation about their kinetic energy.

a)I surmised the following. The electron and positron are obviously particles/antiparticle. Therefore, they have opposite charges. A magnetic field can act as a south and north pole. Based on this, charges can be alternately attracted and repelled. This is as far as I got. However, I dont know whether I am on the right line of reasoning. Should I consider the effect of charges in a magnetic field?

b)Momentum will be conserved during the porcess of particle production. Since momentum is related mass and velocity, they will have the same but opposite amount of momentum. Kinetic energy is related to velocity. If they both spiral inwards, they seem to have the same amount of kinetic energy. Therefore, kinetic energy seems to the same(LOOKING LIKE AN ELASTIC COLLISION).
Please advise.