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Thread: Head Loss

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    Feb 2010

    Head Loss

    An oil having a density of 833 kg/m^3 and a viscosity of 3.3*10^-3 Pa.s is pumped from an open tank to a pressurized tank held at 345 kPa gage. The oil is pumped from an inlet at the side of the open tank through a line of commercial steel pipe having an inside diameter of 0.07792m at the rate of 3.494*10^-3 m^3/s. The length of straight pipe is 122 m, and the pipe contains two elbows ( 90) and a globe valve fully open. The level of the liquid in the open tank is 20 m above the liquid level in the pressurized tank. Calculate the energy supplied by the pump.

    standard elbow(90)= Le/D=30
    globe valve= Le/D=340

    Is this equation correct? Is question asking h_pump?

    (P_1/ρ+ 〖V_1〗^2/2+gz_1 )- (P_2/ρ+ 〖V_2〗^2/2+gz_12 ) = hl + hl_m - h_pump
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