Hi, I received the following question and I simply can't decipher it enough to get the answer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jamez needed to take his fox, chicken and a bag of grain from the Ashiki side of the Fargo River to the Akashic side. There were two boats that provided the transportation service he seeked. One boat, the Jamming Jazz, was operated by Charade the Chicken Wrangler, who offered to provide a first-class suite care for Jamez's chicken, as well as quality music by a live band. The other boat, S.S. Anne from the Banana Float Corporation, was owned by Silly the Sailor who specialized in waterproofing grains. Jamez decided to ride on Jamming Jazz every time when he went to the Akashic side and the S.S. Anne every time on his way back to the Ashiki side.

The Jamming Jazz and S.S. Anne started moving at the same time from opposite sides of the Fargo River. Both boats traveled at a constant speed and each boat traveled at its maximum speed with the Jamming Jazz being slightly faster than the S.S. Anne. The boats met the first time at a point 1400 meters from the Akashic side of the Fargo River. Both boats then stopped for 15 minutes after arriving at each respective side of the river while Jamez unloaded his chicken. After each of the boat's respective breaks, when the boats traveled back toward the original side of the river they had started on, they met at a point 1337 meters from the Ashiki side of the Fargo River. After Jamming Jazz reached the Ashiki side of the river, Jamez entertained his fox with a Seal of Entrapment. Later when the S.S. Anne docked, Silly took a break for 30 minutes while he negotiated a bulk watermelon purchase deal with Bee the Beekeeper. Finally, Jamez embarked on his final trip to the Akashic side of the river on Jamming Jazz again.

Based on the above information, how wide in meters was the Fargo River? (Submit answer as an integer).