Hello everyone, I am hopeing that someone here can help me figure this out, I also apologize if I posted this in the wrong forum. Anyway I have a test on this tommorow and I still don't understand it fully, I am having the most trouble with the Jefferson Method of Apportionment but they are all hard except for Hamilton's Method. Here is the problem; There ar 7 college classes (the number next to it is enrollment) College Algebra 242, Mathematics 131, Math for Elementary Teachers I 88, Calculus I 88, Trigonometry 79, Math for Elementary II 66, Calculus II 56, with a total enrollment of 750. There are 29 teachers that need to be apportioned to the proper classes under the Jefferson Method. I can post my work so far if that would be helpful, but it is rather large so I didn't post it. Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated