I have no idea how to go about solving questions about forces relating to vectors, and with a test due in a few days, I don't want to go unprepared.

Below is the diagram of the problem I'm having:

There are several questions about this diagram, and I'd appreciate if somebody could help guide me through them.

The first part of the question is to "calculate the forces of the angled roofs at the points where they meet."

In the description given before the diagram, it explains that each angled part of the roof exerts a downward force of 50 kg/m^2, and that this building will need a load-bearing wall at the point where the roofs meet (which is the blue dotted line).

The 18m and 7m are the two lengths of the two angled roofs.

After that part of the question, it says to also calculate the resultant force that the wall must counteract to support the roof, which I'm assuming is the diagonal of the invisible parallelogram formed by the roofs.

Thank you all very much!!!