Hi, here is a simple problem that i found

Associated newspapers issues the Evening Standard in the evenings for a certain price, the Metro for free in the underground network and the London Light at lunch time also for free. The evening Standard is a monopoly so there are high barriers to enter the market. However News International started to produce a newspaper called thelondonpaper which is also free. This newspaper is available in the afternoon and in the evening. Associated newspapers was therefore forced to give away the London Lite at the same times.

1.) Use game theory to suggest why Associated Newspapers should be running both Metro and London Lite when it already publishes the long established Evening Standard.

I'm not so sure how i should approach that. I know that the two free newspapers boost the prestige of the whole agency and thus provide extra demand for the Evening Standard (which provides revenue, obviously) . Not so sure how game theory should be applied though.

Any ideas?