I would appretiate help with the following question Ethanol dehydration reaction is carried out in a reactor with the feed entering at 300oC
C2H5OH --> CH3CHO + H2
This is an endothermic reaction. The feed contain 90% mole % ethanol and the balance acetaldehyde. heat is added to keep the temprature from dropping too rapidly. With a fraction of 30% and outlet temprature of 100oC.
Calculate the heat addition rate per 253 mol of the feed gas.
Below are the heat capacity data (KJ/mol-C)
Cp [C2H5OH] = 0.11
Cp [CH3CHO] = 0.08
Cp [ H2] = 0.029
Heat of reaction = 68.95 J

Take Reference Temprature = 25oC