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Thread: Update direction of arc from three points

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    May 2009

    Update direction of arc from three points

    I want to find the direction of the arc drawn from three points for programming purpose.
    Depending on Point2 I have to decide whether to draw clock wise or counterclock wise arc from Point1 to Point3 through point2.

    My Logic is working in most cases except one case, as shown in figure.

    Point1= P1 =(P1X,P1Y)
    Point2= P2 =(P2X,P2Y)
    Point3= P3 =(P3X,P3Y)
    CenterPoint of Arc C(CX,CY) - I am calculating center from three points

    P1P3angle = Angle from Point1 to Point3
    P1P2angle = Angle from Point1 to Point2

    diff = p1p3angle - p1p2angle;

    by Default: Direction = CounterClockwise
    if (diff < 0 || diff > 180)
    Direction = Clockwise
    if (p1p3angle == 0)
    if (AngleDifference < -180)
    Direction = CounterClockwise
    Direction = Clockwise
    if (p1p3angle == 90)
    if (diff< -180)
    Direction = CounterClockwise
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