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    Hi I was wondering if I could ask some maths resources. I'm going to take my Maths GCSE several years early and I asked my school for some past papers but they have frighteningly little.

    Please could someone divert me to a large cache of past papers and basically all I need to know for my Maths GCSE?

    I've covered pretty much everything myself, my weak points are standard deviation and all graphs.

    Oh and is there an algebraic method for working out of which two square numbers a figure consists of?

    I'm not entirely sure but I think the example was 505 or along those lines (maybe 550? I'm not sure...)


    Sorry for the test!
    $\displaystyle \frac{6x+13}{3x+7}=\frac{9x+4}{12x+10}$

    $\displaystyle \frac{(6x+13)(3x+7)(12x+10)}{3x+7}=\frac{(9x+4)(12 x+10)(3x+7)}{12x+10}$

    $\displaystyle (6x+13)(12x+10)=(9x+4)(3x+7)$

    $\displaystyle 72x^2+216x+130=27x^2+75x+28$

    $\displaystyle 47x^2+141x+102=0$
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