hey all, this is a very general maths question but i'm pretty sure if i knew how to rectify it, my maths marks would drastically improve.

let me start off with saying my marks aren't that bad - i get about 88% average - but i know (and my teachers constantly remind me) that i can do so much better. i used to get, like, 96% untill two years ago. i think it's got something to do with the fact that my math teacher and i were constantly fighting (she made me feel stupid ). Anyways, so my problem now is that i know all my math rules, and when we do examples in class i do them perfectly, but when we do excercises, activities or tests... they just turn out so horrible wrong!!! and i just don't know why.

my teacher (not the one who makes me feel stupid ) actually asked me what i need help with, what i don't understand, and couldn't tell her since i don't know.

so, if any of you happen to have experience with this, i would really appreciate some advice... thanks!